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Hello Readers I am your host ‘Peculiar Blogger’ in my weekly Gist and Gossip zone today we going to make a fine comparison between two great media personalities.

At the end of this article, you get to decide who you think is more hot and stunning!

Our two wonderful personalities are;

Makizza Jacobs & Lady Pesh

These two ladies have allot in common, both ladies are smoking hot and very beautiful.

They are also both found in the same field of entertainment Afro pop artistes.

And above all, these two ladies are both Benue Born's and residents.

To add it up these two ladies are very talented song writers and amazing afro pop arts and they have numerous numbers of songs, However today I will only be talking about who is more hot and beautiful.

Yes, they are both beautiful, but who do you think has it more?

Let us take a closer look at there photos.

Photos of Makizza Jacobs...

(I know you seem to get the point that Makizza Jacob's is extremely blessed with the front view keep scrolling down in the photo below take a close look at Makizza's hand you'd notice a tatoo at her fist)

Now Feed Your Eyes on Photos of Lady Pesh!

Below is a photo of Lady Pesh at her Youngies!

Don't Get Lost this might be the Boom! Here...

One more Photo of Lady Pesh we call it a wrap up!

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