Who To Write A Letter Asking For Money From People

At a point in our lives,we have felt the need to ask for money using text messages along side how to ask for money politely. It is difficult for one for one to compose which is why i am writing about Five sure difficult ways of asking for money.

Who To Write A Letter Asking For Money From People


1. Use "Hi" Instead of "Hello", It will help you create the bond that  you need with your friend and make sure you add there name after the ''Hi".

2. Appreciate them for what the have done in the past.

I Assume you are sending the text to a Friend,Whixh means that you both share the same history

Apprecatiating them for been true friends will help them remember some of the good times in the past

3.Explain Your Current Situation

When you explain your current situation to them,they will try to match it to the former person you were before

4.Tell Them About Your Plans To Escape Your Current Situation

When you show them that you are making plans to become stable,they would believe you won't ask the second time again,Just like a one time payment,they will be willing to give you and forget

5.Thank Them In Advance

Thanking them in advance Will show that you believe that the can surely help you.

Is the anything you feel should be include but is missing out?

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